Using Natural Oils to Promote Healthy Scalp & Hair

March 3, 2019


There is so much conflicting information about the pros and cons of using oil on our hair. A simple search on-line left me more confused than enlightened. Since I got serious about my scalp and hair health, I stopped using harsh chemicals and hair care products with drying ingredients. As well as limiting the use of heat, such as hair dryers or curling irons. After cutting my hair short, I noticed the natural wave of the hair and wanted more of it. I found a video on Youtube posted by Ayesha Malik, on How to Save Your Hair With Oils. My scalp and hair have benefited greatly from using these oils.


How to Use Oils to Promote Scalp Health and Hair Growth

I purchased the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil, as well as the organic, virgin cocoanut oil. Jamaican black castor oil is considered the best oil to promote hair growth. The oil is thick and a little goes a long way. Focus on applying the oil section by section, until you have applied it to the entire scalp. Massage the scalp gently using the pads of your fingers. Then add the red pimento oil on top of the castor oil. This oil smells divine, and it helps to give my hair loads of volume and curl definition.



Feed the roots of your hair quality oils and see it blossom



Using the coconut oil on my scalp has not given me desired results, therefore I would not recommend it. I have fine, wavy hair; which tends to get incredibly frizzy and unruly. My hair loves moisture, I use hair care products free of parabens, silicones or chemicals. I highly recommend the Devacurl and Moptop haircare products for curly or wavy hair.


Use coconut oil on hair for extra hydration



Hair before hair oils application


Hair oils can be used weekly; or you may want to use them more frequently. I apply the oil treatment once or twice a week, the night before I wash my hair. I start by applying the black castor oil, then the red pimento oil, gently massage the scalp. Finally finishing off with the cocoanut oil on the last half of my hair. Since I have short hair this leaves me with a greasy head, but the results are worth it!


Hair oils have been applied


Benefits of Oils

Being consistent with the use of the hair oils will deliver beautiful results. Using the oils transformed my hair by generating new hair growth and adding hydration to my dry, wavy hair. I couldn’t be more grateful to Ayesha for sharing her personal routine and experience. Check out her video on Youtube.


The use of oils on the scalp can be used by anyone who would like to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. You do not need to have wavy or curly hair. Anyone with hair can use natural oils for beautiful results!


Hair after the hair oil treatment – defined waves


Do you currently use or have you used oils to promote hair growth and scalp health? Share your experience in the comments section below.


Using hair oils delivers results!


Thank you for reading!


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