Packing for a Ski Vacation

January 15, 2019


Few things rattle me as much as packing for a trip. I have never been able to efficiently pack well thought out outfits for a weekend getaway, let alone a longer trip. I have been known to bring two or theee suitcases, too many pairs of shoes, full size hair and skincare products. Too much makeup, a blow dryer to a beach vacation (?!) endless pairs of tops, pants, and just in case items. Once back home, as I wash unworn clothing and put away unused products, I vow to pack lightly next time.

Jeans, leggings and windbreaker


My husband and I leave for our winter break tomorrow and I am determined to take one suitcase, that’s right, just one. Packing for a cold weather vacation can be challenging, sweaters, layers and bulky jackets take up lots of space.

Sweaters and layers


After planning our activities for the trip, mainly skiing, some dinners out, and lots of relaxing, I made a list of clothes, shoes and accessories needed. Having a list helped to keep me focused. Planning ahead kept me from worrying I was forgetting something.

Scarves – I like options


In the past I have packed for “what if” scenarios, and have imagined super chic outfits while on the slopes. The reality is that ski resorts are super casual and when I get cold it’s difficult for me to care about a fashionable outfit.

The warmest winter coat ever


What I packed – Light and chunky sweaters, jeans, blouses, hats, gloves and scarves. Warm fleece pajamas that can be used as lounge wear. A swimsuit to soak in the hot tub after a day outdoors. Along with a couple of jackets and winter boots.


I purchased travel size hair products. Keeping a close eye on skincare and makeup helped to keep it light. I was able to find a small eye palette, as well as a travel size blush. I included an eyelash curler, mascara, eyebrow gel, my favorite foundation, sunscreen and lip balm.


Dior Airflash foundation and mascara, Nars blush, Smashbox eye palette, eyelash curler, Kiehl’s lip balm, and Shiseido sunsheen

Packing cubes – Packing cubes help to keep clothes and accessories organized. It’s a life changer! No more rifling for that pair of socks, you will know exactly where everything is. Another benefit is that clothes will be neatly folded and wrinkle free. I purchased several in different sizes from Tumi, but there are many options available from different luggage companies. Packing cubes are constructed out of canvas, nylon or plastic. Check Amazon for great options.


Packing for the trip turned into a great learning experience. It’s so stressful to be packing at the last minute, frantically throwing clothes into a suitcase. Planning ahead gave me the confidence that I have what I need for the trip. I can now look forward to a great vacation!


Do you have any packing tip? Please share in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!

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