Charleston, South Carolina

November 30, 2018

I have wanted to visit Charleston, South Carolina, since I saw Gone With the Wind. For years I had heard about the beautiful architecture, delicious food, and of course, much about its history. We decided to visit over the summer and it didn’t disappoint.



We stayed at the Planters Inn, it is centrally located in the heart of the city, steps away from the Charleston City Market and Confederate Museum. The hotel staff was attentive, the rooms well appointed and comfortable. We ate breakfast at the Peninsula Grill on our last day, our table had a view of the garden, the food was tasty.



Charleston was founded by English colonists in 1670, the city was a major trade center that brought much prosperity to the area as it had a an economy heavily dependent on rice, cotton and indigo. in 1861 the city joined the Civil War, when it came to an end Charleston looked to rebuild and be less dependent on agriculture. Today, there is a Naval Base, medical, tech and tourism industry.



We walked and visited many historical buildings, one that cannot be missed was the Old Exchange. The Exchange is considered one of three most historically important Colonial buildings in the United States. It is important to note that between the American Revolution and the Civil War, the Exchange was where public slave auctions took place. As we walked around I thought of the men, women and children who were sold there. I imagined the fear and terror they must have felt.




The museum recounts the role Charleston held in the inter-state slave trade.

There are many plantations to visit near Charleston, we visited Boone Hall Plantation and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.



I felt like we had gone back in time as our Uber turned into a corridor of  massive, moss draped Oak trees evenly spaced all the way to the front of the plantation. The plantation is one of Americas oldest working farms, there is a garden with diverse flowers, a produce garden where they grow strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, corn, pumpkins and other vegetables. Horses roam freely in a pasture near by, adding beauty and charm to the property.


There are nine original cabins where slaves lived, I found myself incredibly emotional during the self guided tours of the living quarters, where historic relics were on display. This is not your typical tour. Each of the cabins covered a different theme of black history on the plantation.



The gardens alone make the long drive worthwhile. Full of history, beautiful gardens full of flowers, plants and wildlife, this property should not be missed.


Like BOONE HALL, the plantation has original slave cabins, with tours offered daily. Wear comfortable shoes as there is so much to see!



Ahhhh, the food. Charleston has many restaurants serving Southern cuisine. There are so many options, its hard to decide where to eat. We ate at restaurants where my husband, who is not on a plant based diet and I would be able to find food we could both eat. The food alone is worth a visit to Charleston.



Many books have been written abut the grand homes in the South, and Charleston does not disappoint. Wear your comfortable shoes and prepare yourself to be fascinated and intrigued as you walk from one interesting street to another, each with one beautiful home after another. I couldn’t help but wonder what life must have been like during Colonial days.


Have you visited Charleston? Share your thoughts. If you are planning on visiting and have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to leave your comment and i will do my best to share and make a recommendation.

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